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What makes us special

More than a social network

Cheelee is the top place to chill and get money for it

Users spend on socials 2.5+ hours per day and get nothing for it. Sounds unfair, doesn’t it?

Cheelee app


Our main goal is to turn Cheelee into a lifestyle where users from around the world can have fun and simultaneously monetize time on our platform


Cheelee is an app used by people worldwide for entertainment, self‑development, and profits

Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to monetize their time spent on social media

Cheelee reshapes the concept of «Attention Economy»

Have you ever heard of «Attention Economy»? Introduсed by Herbert Simon, the winner of the Nobel Prize, this concept states that time and attention are scarce sources. Thus, they can be converted into money. In reality, however, only social media platforms themselves profit from it

Cheelee wants to restore justice. With our legit mechanics and sustainable economy, now users rule the situation and get money. Everyone who joins our fam is our friend and beneficiary


Vladislav Martynov

Vladislav Martynov

Serial WEB3.0 entrepreneurCo‑Founder of BlockGeeks.comEx‑member of Ethereum Advisory Board

Rachel Pether

Rachel Pether

Advisory board member of MidChains and Islamic CoinSenior positions at Mubadala and Skybridge CapitalExperienced BBC journalistTV host of Digital Asset Report

What makes us cool

  • Free start

    Users sign up and get Starting Digital glasses for free

  • No bots

    Complex algorithms protect the community from bots. No money can be stolen

  • No analogues

    The market lacks similar projects and they are not likely to appear soon. Just consider that Cheelee development took 3+ years!

  • Limited LEE Emission

    And the increased mining difficulty keep LEE always on top. So, it always grows in price and can’t devalue

  • Stable economy

    All the profits from in-app purchases and 70% of ads revenues are used to support the economy

  • Simple integration

    Just usual content watching, but paid. That's all. Really

Cheelee leaders

Ruslan Sharov

CEO, Founder

Ruslan Sharov

Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, business angelCo-Founder of the KSK group consulting company, Mazalt Group holding and Gift To An Angel charity fund

Roman Alekseev

Co‑Founder, visionary

Roman Alekseev

Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of the international experienceVenture capitalist with a portfolio of over $500M. Invested in 44 crypto projectsPhilanthropist, mentor, visionary

Yuriy Kardonov

CPO, Co‑Founder

Yuriy Kardonov

CEO and Founder of CommON, a VR and neurotechnology start‑upOrganizer of Russian and global hackathons for IT‑developers

Become a part of Cheelee fam

Do you want to join Cheelee development?

We are always looking for talents. So, if our mission fits you, contact us:

[email protected]
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