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USA Today ranks Cheelee in TOP 7 startups alongside Open AI (creators of ChatGPT)

USA Today ranks Cheelee on par with Open AI

creators of ChatGPT and Cheelee made it in top 7 startups


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"Got no words, emotions only. Cheelee is like: x2 earnings per month, awesome ambassador program and a chat room where all the questions get answered. Everything's great! Feel free to download."
"I'm new to Cheelee. I was attracted by the donations. My expectations have been met: the cheeleers are already gifting me over $200 a month. And that's just the beginning!"
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"I invested $50 and got as much as $430 in a month. Thanks to the app for the earning opportunity and the donations feature. I am excited about it! I invite you, your friends, and your friends' friends!"
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"Time for experiments! The glasses for $50 paid off so quickly that I decided to take a risk... I bought other glasses for $200 and joined the Ambassador Program. Let's see what happens!"
SIMPLE 51,50$
"My corgis and I are thrilled with Cheelee! I get donations and the corgis find fans. Also, I get a bonus payment for every purchase my friends make in the app!"

Got questions?

How does Cheelee work, in simple words?

  • Users watch videos and earn a minimum x1.2 revenue from the cost of their glasses. This is how we share the money we get from selling ads on the platform.
  • We also generate revenue by selling glasses (we call them Cheelee glasses — they are number 1 monetization tool in the app).
  • We allocate a portion of the project's revenue to the Stability fund, and we distribute about 70% to users. This provides the possibility of income on the platform up to x3 of the user's investment.

Why sell glasses? Why can't I get money for watching content without them?

We sell glasses to eliminate bot farms (that's when bots, not real people, are watching the feed. In this case, Cheelee doesn't make money from ads — and we have nothing to share with you and other real users). We also segment our audience by income through selling glasses of various rarities.

Is my attention really worth money? Why?

  • Yes. Not just your time or professional skills, but your attention also costs money. It's called the ’attention economy’ — a concept formulated by Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon.
  • Our social network shares with you what others don't — revenue from monetizing your attention! By the way, that's why we're regularly included in tops and nominated as the best startup. For example, we recently topped the rankings from Coincu. Also, USA Today ranked Cheelee in TOP 7 startups alongside OpenAl (creators of ChatGPT), and Forbes often mentions our project as the most relevant in the world of social networks and Web3.0.
  • Trust and interest in Cheelee is growing every month. In March 2024, more than 1 million new users joined the project.

How exactly do users get paid?

  • On Cheelee, it's easy: you sign up and we give you Starting glasses as a gift. You need them to get LEE coins (Cheelee's internal currency) from the boxes that drop when you watch the feed. With Starting glasses you'll get your first income and understand how to earn in the app. To increase your income and start withdrawing money from Cheelee, you'll need to buy other glasses (of rarity Elementary or higher) at our marketplace.
  • Once you've bought glasses, just keep watching content, catching boxes in the feed — and getting coins from them. These coins can then be later converted into real money. The size of the rewards in dropping boxes will depend on the rarity of your glasses. The higher the rarity — the higher the potential income.
  • Important: users who have not managed to pay off their glasses in three weeks can get x2 of the price of the glasses! These are the terms of our refund guarantee. And for those who are hesitant to make their first purchase, there is an opportunity to rent glasses.
  • You may ask about all the details in the app support chat.

How much can I earn on Cheelee?

Your income is affected by the rarity of the glasses, the chosen strategy, as well as by the time spent watching the feed (while the number of paid viewing minutes per day is limited). You can earn about $679 a month with Cheelee by choosing cool glasses and the right strategy. And if you become an active member of our Ambassador Program, you'll earn even more!

Does Cheelee provide an Ambassador or Referral Program?

Yes. Cheelee offers both Referral and Ambassador programs. In short — you will get bonuses for purchases of each user who has joined Cheelee via your referral link. And if this user invites their friends, you will get bonuses for their purchases, too! You can learn more about the terms of the Referral and Ambassador programs here.

Can I make money by creating content?

Of course you can! On Cheelee, you can get income for creating content. Every user will be able to send you a donation while watching your video. The main thing is to create cool content more often. And our algorithms will help you become more popular.


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Monthly income leaders

Monthly income leaders